The Awakening of Beauty

A Ritual for Every Mood

Our journey begins at dawn, amidst the tranquil Finnish forests where nature's silent wisdom whispers to those who listen. Here, the power of wild-harvested chaga mushrooms and Arctic berries is harnessed to empower your skin, reflecting a mood as radiant as the midnight sun.

Whether you're seeking the confidence to conquer the day, the serenity for a restful night, or the vigor to reclaim youthfulness, SUPERMOOD's bespoke collections — Egoboost, Beauty Sleep, and Youth Glo — are your companions in a dance with time, harmonizing life's rhythms with the needs of your skin.

Experience the fusion of Finnish wild nature and holistic beauty with Supermood — where every touch is a step towards harmonizing your skin, mood, and environment.

Dive into the Bespoke Luxury of Finnish Skincare

What Other People Say About SUPERMOOD

Unique Source of Harmony

Experience the fusion of Finnish wild nature and holistic beauty with Supermood — where every touch is a step towards harmonizing your skin, mood, and environment

Your Daily Retreat

Supermood isn't just skincare — it's your daily ritualistic retreat. Ten minutes with our products can rejuvenate and prepare you for life's challenges, akin to an enriching yoga and spa session

Bespoke Natural Luxury

Our wild-harvested ingredients, such as chaga mushrooms and Arctic berries, are your secret to an empowered, radiant mood

Made in Finland

Products are born in the heart of Finland's pristine wilderness. It is more than a skincare regimen; it's a ritual, a moment of self-care that nurtures both skin and soul

Unlock a Beauty That Transcends the Skin

A Transformation Into Wellness and Confidence With Each Supermood Ritual

Skin Lifting & Tghtening


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Glow Like Never Before

Youth Glo

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Glowing & Rejuvenated Skin

Beauty Sleep

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Our Mission

Your Skin, Your Mood, Your Radiant Story

In your hands, SUPERMOOD is more than a skincare product—it's a commitment to a way of life that cherishes the environment, uplifts the spirit, and celebrates the seamless connection between the world within and the world around us.

Join us on a transformative odyssey with SUPERMOOD. Embrace our philosophy of holistic well-being, where every day is a chance to align your inner world with the outer, ensuring that every reflection not just shines, but resonates with the beauty of a life well-lived.

What People Are Saying

Love it so much

"My skin feels tighter. This has a scent to it but I can’t tell what the
smell is. It’s a good scent. Feels great! Refreshing. ❤"

Rosie, Verified Buyer

My skin is youthful and glowing

"The mask itself has a delightful, creamy texture that spreads easily on the skin. It has a light, pleasant scent that adds to the overall spa-like experience. It didn't strip my skin and left it feeling supple and refreshed. It also didn't cause any irritation or redness."

Jamila, Verified Buyer

Totally amazing results

"I noticed right away that this made my skin soft. You don't use a lot so I didn't expect it to work as well as it did. Just a small amount on my face does the trick. I would recommend."

Rosita, Verified Buyer

My face feels hydrated and smooth

"A quick way to give your skin the necessities to start the next day
fresh. The liquid peel gel has a nice fruity fragrance. It is gentle and doesn't cause any discomfort on my skin. In the morning my face feels hydrated and smooth with minimal effort. That is the way skincare should
be. Plus it rinses off effortlessly."

Emma M., Verified Buyer

Soothing, hydrating, leaves skin feeling soft and natural

"In under a minute, your skin becomes entirely touchable: very smooth, very natural feeling. Love that! Skin also seems really hydrated (and with no real discernable fragrance ... which is nice too). I'm playing with "skin cycling" right now and this is perfect for "hydration day!"

Sarah L., Verified Buyer

I can definitely feel a tightening effect

"It has a nice clean sent that is not overpowering. It says it is for all skin types and is made in Finland. Contains Chaga mushrooms that contain antioxidants and help brighten skin and even out pigmentation."

Kelly V., Verified Buyer

About Transformation Beyond Skin

From Retreated Skin to Harmonized Mood

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The Unique Product

Chaga-infused Brilliance
for Awakened Eyes

"It's a must in my skincare routine! I use it every morning under my makeup and I love how it brightens my eyes. I think it also helps reduces the fine lines when I put on my makeup! I highly recommend!" – Tien, Verified Buyer.

Experience the ultimate eye-care indulgence with our Eyes Wide Open Serum.